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Wired Electrical Services (WES) offers a wide array of electrical services designed to provide a safe, efficient and stress-free workplace and home environment. We take care of all your electrical installations, planning, design, maintenance, repairs and hassles.

Be it residential, commercial or industrial, Wired Electrical Services (WES) rises to the challenge, completes the task and puts you at ease. We offer a comprehensive and friendly service that will give home owners and business owners the peace of mind they aspire for in all their electrical demands and needs.

We are offering at Wired Electrical Services (WES), the following services:


Wired Electrical Services (WES) provides all types of commercial services in Sydney to various businesses, companies and establishments. All of our projects are managed by skilled, highly qualified and prompt commercial electricians with extensive experience in handling complex and demanding jobs.

No business can grow and prosper without a consistent and efficient source of power. Wired Electrical Services (WES) handles all your electrical troubles so you can focus on making your business grow and profitable.

Call us now ! and enjoy an efficient, responsive and skillful service that takes YOUR business seriously!!


Wired Electrical Services (WES) prides itself on making many Aussie households safe and lively. We understand how important electrical functionality is to any house and how damaging it could be if handled poorly. Wired Electrical Services (WES) is a trustworthy and accomplished service that makes the safety of YOUR home, YOUR family and YOUR assets, the number One priority.

To enjoy Safety and functionality in your home, hire us now! our electricians offer their expertise  24/7!


Wired Electrical Services provides various aspects of customers and businesses. Your business is our priority!

Wired electrical services offers 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICES!

We provide 24 hours electrical repairs in Sydney for all types of emergencies. We are here to provide assistance to get your business up and operational despite the size and nature of the emergency. Wired Electrical Services (WES) specializes in all residential, commercial and industrial electrical requirements. Our electricians will provide you with efficient and long lasting services. We will minimize the loss of productivity in your business and get the job done from the first go! As a business, Wired Electrical Services upholds work ethics at all times! In addition to our years of extensive experience, our in-house team of professional electricians are well-mannered,  courteous and polite in dealing with all our clienteles! Our team of electricians are more than ready to completely address your electrical needs any time of the day! No job is too small, too big or too complicated for Wired Electrical Services (WES)! We show up and deliver!


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